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Escrick Park Estate, Skipwith, Selby, YO8 5SW

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The YPC 1989 Club
Held on the last Sunday of every month.
£10 to play and you can bring your own paintballs.

Gates open at 9am for a first game starting at 10am. We then play as many games as possible.

3000psi air is included.

Guns and firing modes allowed.
We only allow Pistol, pump of magfed paintball guns to be used unless your super electro semi is fitted with a 50 shot gravity fed hopper which we supply.
12bps maximum
280 FPS maximum
Semi auto only

Why is the 1989 club so cheap to play, it's simple...... It's self marshaling.
You have input into the games you play and the way they are played.
Players are expected to play fairly and respect each other. Anyone found not playing in the spirit won't be allowed back. This works really well.

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