Sell your used paintball and airsoft guns

If you're looking for a super quiet marker that can shoot the most fragile paint, look no more you have found your new love.

This Marker is pretty new, I haven't used it much as you can see from the shot count. Comes with original box. I can post as well!

The DLX Luxe Ice is a premiere paintball marker designed to assist the player in becoming a force to be feared on and off the paintball field. The marker operates at an unbelievable 40 psi which translates into a super quiet shot and 15% gain in efficiency compared to the Luxe OLED. The new modular fore-grip is interchangeable between a rubber/polymer grip and the metal grip (both are included) allowing for a secure and comfortable non-slip grip. The flip-lever ASA is designed to flush to the grip allowing for a comfortable main grip with zero interference when dropping your hand for those "single finger" trigger pulls. The Luxe designers decided to take it one step further eliminating the "eye ribbons" with integrated eye wire contacts - everything is spring contacts! To top it off you get the only marker ever made with Joystick programming control, voice confirmation (yes the gun talks to you) and a bright OLED display board.

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