Sell your used paintball and airsoft guns

Paintball gun marker for the serious tournament player. DLX Technology Luxe Ice paintball gun, experts believe this will be one of the best shooting and highest quality paintball guns to ever hit the field.

Never let me down, in excellent condition for the used marker. I only used it for one season since new and stopped using as I changed team sponsor. It only has 12 boxes of paint shot through it!

• 40psi reduction in operating pressure, coupled with the ICE coating has resulted in nearly 15% gain in efficiency.
• New modular foregrip that is interchangeable between a rubber/polymer reinforced option, or the traditional color-coordinated aluminum
• New flip-lever ASA. Single finger shooters rejoice, you can now get a full grip down the face of the ASA because the knob is gone!
• New "Internal Ceramic Elastomer" coating on the bolt system reduces maintenance. We have heard credible on-field testing has exceeded 70 cases without grease!
• Integrated contacts for the eye wires--no more wires or ribbons to the body, everything is spring contacts. No pinching, no mess.

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