Sell your used paintball and airsoft guns

Great condition, played with one season, cleaned and put in a box. Selling as I just have too many toys. It shoots flawlessly and has XL barrel with XL insert!

Price includes Delivery/ Paypal Fees and Insurance. No trades!

One of the best paintball barrels ever made is included as the stock barrel of the Shocker XLS

XLS Optimized Performance - Increased internal volume reduces overall operating pressure to 145psi. Flow optimized regulator internals offer faster recharge and easier maintenance.

XLS Refined Ergonomics - The extended platform offers improved ergonomics, increasing the overall length and spacing of the grip frame and regulator. Factory fit regulator grip included as standard.

XLS Trigger System Refinements - Reshaped trigger guard offers greater comfort and space. Simplified trigger mounting maintains trigger feel, and makes maintenance easier.

XLS Air Source Adapter Redesign - Redesigned with player feedback, the new XLS air source adapter has a recessed knob for greater grip and deeper grooves for easier manipulation.

XLS Upgraded Hardware - Feed tube thumb wheel included as standard. Larger hardware in frequent use areas increases hardware life.
Sealed Power - Improvements made to the OLED screen cover increase water/debris resistance.

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