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Bought this season, still £1,420 new in the shop! Roughly 25-30 boxes through it, no scratches, good as new! Absolutely next level professional marker. Choice of top teams in the world. Only selling as I need money.

The new M3+ has been designed and built with state-of-the-art technology, new innovative features and improved convenience. Confidence is built right in thanks to the all-new DYE Slide Lock Airport ASA, updated FL-21 Bolt System with all-new Flex Face Bolt Tip, refined 4th Generation Patented Eye Pipe System, all-new BWing21 Solenoid Housing, all-new BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade, all-new UL-S 2-Piece Barrel System + much more.

Luxury Design and Ergonomic Construction

• No exposed screws or plates
• All aluminum construction
• Low profile design
• UL 45 frame with full wrap sticky grips
• Dual density, micro texture grips
• Best ergonomics in industry
• Simple joystick OS operation and navigation
• 2 tool assembly
• Hard form gun case with EVA foam lining for secure protection

Quick Feature View:

• FL-21 Bolt
• Flex Face Bolt Tip
• Quick Release Bolt
• SLAP ASA Slide Lock AirPort
• 4th Gen Eye Pipe System
• BWing21 Solenoid Housing
• BWing21 Mag-Reach Trigger Blade
• MOSair Operating System
• Prism Interface
• Internal Pressure Sensor
• Rechargeable Battery
• e.VOKE Compatible
• Freewire Connectors
• UL 45 Frame
• Gas-Thr
• Sticky Grips
• Hyper 6s Pro
• Lockdwn2 Clamping Feed Neck
• Colored O-Rings
• Low Profile Design
• DYE UL-s Barrel Back with UL-s 8" Tip Porting

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