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2 markers for sale. 
FS T15 gen3
Comes with: aftermarket foregip, grip both front and rear, sights A5 adapter and JJ ceramic barrel. 5 V1 mags included and FS plastic case. No 13ci tank.
450 quid

Phenom (magfed modded)
This is an original Phenom body DIY modded to accept mags. 
Comes with: MagfedMaker AK body parts, airsoft Zhukov stock retractable and folding, T15 magwell, red dot, 20" Lapco smoothbore barrel, LokBolt, Lapco faux silencer. 5 T15 V1 mags included.
350 quid

All markers have been fairly used and thus have minor usage marks. No breaks whatsoever. The Phenom being DIY looks great for what it is but don't expect it to be flawless cosmetically. It is DIY and the MagfedMaker parts are 3d printed sent from the US. These parts are also without breaks. 
All markers work as intended and are serviced by an authorized tech (myself). 
For shooting videos pm me.

All prices include fees and shipping from Greece to wherever you are in Europe.
PP only thanks.
If in doubt, you can check me on most British FB paintball pages.

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