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Selling my Milsig M17 SMG with a collection of tempest mags. 
The collection includes,
- Milsig M17 SMG variant
- 5 tempest magazines
- 4 kydek holsters 
- remote line.
- spare parts heat core replacement, spare filler locks for the mags, spare detents and a spare mag runner.

Selling the marker because I simply want to buy a new one and I cannot justify having this many markers. 
That being said I really love this marker and have fine tuned it over the years; So I’m only willing to sell the marker for the right price.

One mag is damaged but is still fully functional.

You can verify me quite easily as I am a regular at most OMG events.
Paul Strutt and the warhawks can vouch for me.

Please note that the cost of this item does not include postage. The cost of this is dependant on what avenue you choose,

- PayPal (friends) or bank transfer = cheaper Hermes delivery. 
- PayPal (business) = 1st class signed and full insured. (This will be expensive)

The reason for this is due to scammers who will lie that they never received the item and claim through PayPal. 
Please also be aware I take detailed evidence of condition and function before sending the marker. 

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