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I attempted to make an easy-to-aim home def... I mean... magfed marker.

Based on a Tippmann 98 matched with a Blizzard kit. Green dot is on pressure switch but will include button so you can change it. Tactical light also strobes. Has a CO2 canister-adapter that holds enough gas for 15 on point shots and 5 dodgy shots. Can easily take a bottle (not included). Mag holds 10 (I think, cannot remember, could be 11-12). 

Will include rubber balls and canisters shown in picture.

Has wear and tear (built it a year ago, donor gun is older) but it works... beautifully. Have fired about 100 shots from it since built to test.

Price doesn’t include your choice of courier. I live in Brighton but work in South London so can deliver.

Am open to offers and welcome the barter. Call me with any questions and offers.

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