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Alec Ferguson

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here I have a few paintball items for sale, all to be sold separately or with each other and am open to sensible offers. I have 3 main arms, BT OMEGA, BT DELTA and a SPYDER MR6 WHICH COMES WITH 4 MAGAZINES and can fire paintballs and first strike ammo, I have 2 boxes of first strike ammo which are opened and used but are almost full. all guns have never been gamed only shot a few times and are in very good condition like new and come in original boxes. I have 11 ammo tubes 7 of which are brand new still in bag. I have 7 air canisters a couple have a very small amount of air in and the rest are empty and again are in a like new condition. I have 4 paintball masks 3 are brand new still packaged, the unpacked one is in a new condition also. 3 hoppers 2 are standard in a new condition and one is electric in good condition just with paint residue inside. I have 4 empire combat jackets in a new very good condition. please message me for prices and we will go from there. thanks! 

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