Sell your used paintball and airsoft guns

I have DYE DRS in near perfect condition for sale. Only selling as I need money and not using it as much. Currently RRP 750 and out of stock! Payment through PayPal or bank and will send tracked. 

Comes with a regular AC barrel, if you want to get Carbon Fiber Boomstick that will be extra £100 with the marker to £120 on its own.

Did you know that legendary L.A. Ironmen’s Billy Wing is the designer of the DSR?  I have this as a new marker available just because I have another few markers and it is not being used. It comes with a regular AC threaded barrel, however, if you wish to get a Carbon-fiber boomstick, then get in touch.

Dye’s DSR has the qualities of a DLX Luxe, a Bob Long Insight, a Dye M2, and others. That means you spend £500 to £600 less for a paintball gun and get a high-grade marker.

The DSR is the marker Dye has wanted on the market for years. It’s the Empire Axe on steroids. It’s the Luxe at less the price.

The DSR is a groundbreaking new platform that offers everything competitive players are looking for and much more.


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