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T68 GENERATION 1 with all the trimmings. 

The T68 has been throughly upgraded to include:

Anti chop bolt
Split feed dual feed adaptor (you can you magazine well or a top down hooper feeder)
4 Way Tactical rail
6inch rifled barrel
Apex hop-up unit (bends paintballs round corners)
Metal pressure cap (stock is plastic)

As you can see from the pictures she is a sleek and sexy paintball marker. I have taken care of her to the upmost degree, fully upgraded, pimped out. 

She comes with sleak black styled hopper for top feed (250 rounds) and a single magazine for bottom feed (20 rounds). These are interchangable due to the split feed dual adaptor which is installed. 

You can either use the iron sights or a red dot sight to target you quarry. 

Black sleek rifle carry bad with large side pocket included in sale.

Extra photos:

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