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I have 3 markers for sale: a RAP4 T68, a Tippmann A5 and a Smart Parts SP8.

I bought the RAP4 T68 when it first came out from a friend and it never saw the field because I favoured the SP8 as my primary marker. So I think the T68 is a GEN1 version.

The T68 has been throughly upgraded to include:

Anti chop bolt
Split feed dual feed adaptor
Tactical rail
6in rifled barrel
Apex hop-up unit
Metal pressure cap

The A5 has been throughly upgraded to include:

Aluminium cocking rod
6 inch rifled barrel
Apex hop up unit
Tippman Rapid pull trigger

The SP8 includes:

A automatic hopper feeder unit
Electronic trigger

I would be looking for £250 for the T68, £125 for the A5 and £100 for the SP8.

I am open to changes to these numbers. Please contact to discuss. Thanks.

More photos:

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