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SAR12C kit plus items included in the list below. Has only been used at a few walk-ons and one OMG event. Recently encountered a pressure issue whereby the FS travels the distance of a normal paintball; I don’t have access to the owners group therefore this issue has not been rectified – currently airs up fine. Bundle contains around 250 First Strikes, the FSs in the box of 250 are older and half have a minor amount of paint leakage from prolonged storage. The rubber nuts that held on the hand guard fell off during play, hence I have replaced both the screws and nuts. The magazine springs (not the follower) have been removed from one of the older style mags due to tolerances. The map case can hold 3 tubes of 0.43 cal, 5 tubes of FS and 2 SAR12C mags. Genuine Gunskins vinyl wrap installed, can be removed. Buyer to arrange collection/ or will ship via Royal Mail guaranteed - UK only (not included in price). Payment through PayPal prior to collection or shipment.

SAR12C kit + 1 unused Blackjack mag
Hawke XB30 scope
First Strike Adjustable Riser (side rails included)
Picatinny rail for scope (for mounting a rangefinder or scope cam)
Around 250 First Strikes - visual estimate
Kombatuk map case
Extra wrap and hand guard screws

Note: sellyourpaintballgear only allows me to post four photos, if you are interested please contact me and I will send additional pictures via email.

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