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Very little use unique Shocker. 2 piece-barrel, Exalt grip. Original case with spares kit and original lube. Shocker Barrel sock.

Shoots like a dream, very easy to maintain, and super reliable.

Ready to use out of the box tournament marker!

RSX Grip Frame – Masterfully Engineered
The Shocker® is designed to be as light and as strong as possible. The grip frame has been machined from a single billet of aircraft grade aluminum. Using the latest 3D modeling, engineers have removed every ounce of weight without compromising strength. Air flows through the frame in the straightest path possible, ensuring maximum air flow, without adding tubes or hoses. The ample trigger guard leaves room for the biggest of hands and the fastest of fingers. The attention to detail in the design of the Shocker® frame is as beautiful as it is purposeful.

Shocker RSX Frame
RSX Body – Sculpted For Performance
The Shocker® challenges the conventional thinking of paintball marker body design by integrating not only the air flow system, but the regulator itself. The Shocker® reduces the number of parts, seals, and weight by updating traditional thinking and once again bringing fresh ideas to the industry. The Shocker® became a legend through innovation and pursuit of performance, the RSX’s unique body design proves there is still innovation to be made.

Shocker RSX Body
All American Freak Barrel – Legendary Versatility and Accuracy
Only two things are better known in tournament paintball than the Shocker – The Freak and All-American barrels. The Shocker® RSX comes with the best of both. The ‘cocker threaded Freak® back combines with optional inserts to adjust bore size for optimum performance when weather and paint conditions change. Helical porting keeps the All-American front quiet while dispersing air to reduce turbulence for tack-driving accuracy.

RSX Barrel
RSX Bolt System – Spool Valve Technology Reborn
The Shocker® has always been known as a smooth shooting, accurate and consistent platform. The RSX bolt system is a light-weight precision engineered system designed to deliver paint down field smoothly, accurately and quietly. The skeleton structure of the RSX bolt system reduces reciprocating mass to an absolute minimum. The precision fit of its internal parts means that there are no wearable metal parts in the entire drivetrain. Finally, the low operating pressure allows players to shoot the brittlest of paintballs with no need for an LPR.

Shocker RSX Bolt System
OLED Control Board – Leading edge technology, standard
The Shocker® OLED control board features intuitive menus with easy trigger programming that make set-up and adjustment in the staging area quick and easy. Rear grip placement provides a heads-up view of the integrated screen from a shooting position. Standard USB connection to the RSX circuit board makes updating the firmware as simple as downloading pictures from a smart phone. English not your native language? The RSX has the ability to download new text packs to format the OLED screen to the language of your choice.

Shocker RSX Control Board
Semi-Rigid Case – Light weight construction, heavy duty protection
The Shocker RSX® ships with a high quality semi-rigid fabric case. The dirt resistant zipper and tough outer fabric provide protection for your Shocker RSX® even in the dirtiest gear bag. The moulded internal structure keeps your Shocker RSX® secure during transport, your case has pouches for spares, lube, and barrel components. The rugged carry handle is made of nylon and rubber to provide a strong grip on your case, without adding weight.

Break Beam Eye Sensors – Durability and Reliability
The Shocker® uses board mounted photoelectric eye sensors to maximize reliability and strength. In modern paintball nothing is more important than reliability, and that starts in the breach of the paintball marker. The eye system simply has to work with all paints and in all conditions, every single time. The high intensity sensors used in the Shocker® are capable of seeing all types of paint, even through gunk and dirt. The wire connections and board support are designed to be rugged and reliable. The boards alignment slots ensure proper set up the first try, even for the first time user. The Shocker® eye system is designed to be used, abused and continue to work.

Shocker RSX Eye Sensors
Adjustable Solenoid Manifold – Control your entire marker
The Shocker® RSX’s new manifold allows the player to customize the bolt speed to match their rate of fire, reducing felt recoil and force transferred to the paintball. Slower rates of fire do not need the same bolt speed as high rates of fire, with the new adjustable solenoid manifold you can control the speed with just a single allen key.

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