Eclipse Etha 2..AND... Starter Pack...AND... 6000+ Valken Kilo .68 calliber paintballs...AND... gloves + tactical security belt

Description: Planet eclipse 2 full starter pack bought from ''BZpaintball'' (including a PAL hopper) plus some extra equipment that was given to me by my friend.  This also comes with 6000+ paintballs.  I still have 3000psi in the canister so you can come over and try the gun out and see everything works perfectly. I bought this in JULY 2020 in hopes of picking this up as a weekend hobby but then we got into a longer lockdown than anticipated and now I don't really want to go paintballing anymore. I only used this a maximum of 4/5 times (not even in real games just shot at a wooden plank) so it's pretty much brand new.  This website only allows 4 images to be uploaded. I have plenty more images that show details of the gun and equipment. please send me a message if you need more images. 

Publish Date: 30-04-21

Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park