2 x Tippman M4 Carbine Assault Rifles

Description: I purchased these on a bit of a whim after a cracking day of paintballing with my brother but now no longer have the time to use them :( They were purchased after the day's antics and so were never even used in the field.  The only action they have seen is me shooting targets down my garden so they are in mint condition, and basically unused.  Included in the advertisement are 2 x Tippman M4 Carbine Assault Rifles with extendable butt-stocks, 2 x hoppers, 5 x magazines, fully protective black synthetic zip up vests with pockets for extra magazines, and 2 x gas cylinders including the tubes to deliver the gas to the rifles. There is a compartment at the rear of each protective vest to hold the gas cylinder (3000PSI/200 BAR/48CI).  Included in the sale price are approximately 100 paintballs and 2 yellow pouches in which to store them. These Tippman M4 Carbine Assault Rifles are in MINT condition, all they need is to be gassed up and you're ready to get back onto the field :D Willing to to sell each rifle separately with all the extras for £600 each. From my brief use of these rifles I can honestly say that they are the most accurate and manoeuvrable (especially with the stock set up in its shorter configuration, it's more like you're using an MP5 and can clear buildings with ease. 

Publish Date: 30-06-20

Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park