A.P.S. CAM870 Real Wood Handguard / Foregrip

Description: This is a real wood foregrip / handguard for the APS CAM870 line of airsoft shotgun. incredibly realistic and smooth, ideal for someone that wants a wood furniture style, potential to modify or put custom wood carving in. I bought this when I was looking to get a CAM870 - however I never did, so this item has never been attached to an airsoft shotgun. I DO NOT know if this would fit other makes or models, so I won't be accepting returns or refunds if that is the case, sorry - potentially do your research or go in with an idea to modify it!  I got stung quite heavily when I purchased this item as I got it in 2019 and was hit with an american import of an extra £20 ontop of £60. They no longer appear to retail at that, although it is brand new I can't justify that high an amount. Payment via paypal, and before any exchange of item takes place. Willing to do collection if it's easier, but also have no issue with postage however I would request £4.20 additional just to cover that cost of a 2nd class signed for. Happy to ask any questions or get more information :) just let me know! I'm not on the computer too often, so please bare with me if I am slow to get back to you! Also PLEASE CONTACT ME VIA THIS LISTING - Thank you

Publish Date: 22-04-22

Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park