Description: I bought this METAL BEAST DESERT EAGLE as an impulse birthday present to myself back in June. It’s an absolute beast, almost scary to use. I’ve literally only used it a handful of times in the garden to shoot old Tupperware half. There’s almost no signs of wear and tear, it’s super consistent and on co2 is crazy efficient, runs at least 2 full mags. It also kicks like an absolute all star dinosaur sized horse. Extremely satisfying. It is however too hot for skirmishes though I’ve not had it chrono checked with either co2 or green gas, online it says 340FPS on co2 (sceptical), but if you use the green gas inlet valve It will make it useable,  but I lack the knowledge to install it into the extra extended mag myself. I’ve also started only doing historical loadouts, vietnam/80’s delta and the hand cannon wouldn’t work with this, for the time being I don’t need it. Want to fund a tanaka m29. A desert eagle shouldn’t spend it’s life in a box in a drawer. If I ever want one again they are easier to find than an m29. This needs to be used. Use the co2 mag it came with for home ludicrousness and install the gas valve on the extra extended mag for game days. Who knows, the co2 mag may be under the limits like it says online but from shooting it, really don’t think it is. bought the gun for £150 and the extra mag for £40 and the valve was like a tenner. so asking for £160 all in! Or £120 for the gun and original mag on its own. Defence required :)

Publish Date: 25-11-20

Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park