Tippman TMC Package - Gun and Kit used once on 05/07/2021

Description: Tippman TMC .68 Cal *Comes in Original Box* Comes with 2 Dual Mags 2 Single Mags Dummy Mag 500 Valken Graffiti Paintballs Barrel Sock x1 Hopper I am happy to send pics via mobile, if you call or text on 07712282082. This Gun is a brilliant gun for someone looking to get into paintball and as you can see by reviews and pricing its a reliable gun which you're getting with 2 dual mags which cost me £80.  You're easily saving £110 on this package. The reason I dont want this gun is purely because I enjoy airsoft more and would like to purchase an airsoft :) 

Publish Date: 07-07-21

Yorkshire Outdoor Activity Park