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  • Rap4 RAM Walter P99 .43 calibre PAINTBALL PISTOL


    i discharged the co2 canister to early and it froze the seals. I purchased new seals and tried to change them but they were different to the stock O rings. Please see pictures for difference in O rings. Top O ring is the new and bottom is the stock. Have…

  • RAP4 T68 GEN 1


    T68 GENERATION 1 with all the trimmings.  The T68 has been throughly upgraded to include: Anti chop bolt Split feed dual feed adaptor (you can you magazine well or a top down hooper feeder) 4 Way Tactical rail 6inch rifled barrel Apex hop-up unit (bends…

  • Smart Parts SP8


    Smart Parts SP8 with electronic trigger and electric cyclone feed system within the hopper. An excellent and reliable peice of kit. I used it many times over the years.  Comes with extendable stock. Comes extra hopper joiner (sorry have no idea what…

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